pic7aWhy reinvent the wheel when there are numerous works begging to be used?  Our turn around time will usually be much faster utilizing an existing template.  However, we're happy to accommodate either your wishes or your needs by "coding from the ground up."  This would be custom HTML, with or without CSS.  This site is constructed using the content management system Joomla*.  This too is an option.

Templates aren't all that complicated or scary.  We would use the template as the shell, framework or skeleton of your website.  Adding your own content, images, colors, et al, it's similar to taking a lump of clay, and molding it into what you desire or need.  The end result is usually very far from where you started, and thus it becomes your own unique site.


* "A content management system is software that allows you to create and manage webpages easily by separating the creation of your content from the mechanics required to present it on the web.

In this site, the content is stored in a database (created automatically). The look and feel are created by a template. The Joomla! software brings together the template and the content to create web pages."

Joomla templates do tend to be an additional cost, as they're a bit more involved.