pic4aAre You A Small Business?

We cater to small (read tiny) businesses that merely want a presence on the net.  Nothing too involved, or fancy; essentially a 24/7 business card saying, "We're here!"  We guarantee nothing with respect to conversions, leads, traffic, hits, ranking, et al.  No one can, and no one should.  If someone does, you should consider going the other direction.  Seriously.

pic5aNeed Simple Pricing?

After hosting & domain costs are incurred (see below), we'll usually cost you $50 per hour.  A solid website shouldn't take longer to construct than 12 - 24 business hours; depending upon needs, size, and scope of site.  If our assessment is that more (or less) hours or a per hour adjustment would be needed, this will be mentioned at the onset of our planning with you.

pic3aHow do I register a domain name?

You create an account at a domain name registrar, like GoDaddy.  Or you could potentially register a domain name via your hosting company, such as Host Gator.  It's our opinion that you want total control over all of your online content, so the best way to go is using both a domain name registrar AND a hosting company.

Regardless of using one or both services, the fees for a domain name are yearly, and many hosting companies (such as Host Gator) charge by the month.

We are fully able to walk you through the steps or we can do it for you.  Each require a credit card (for obvious reasons), and ultimately our access to the back end systems (for DNS control, uploading of files, installation of software, etc.), once account(s) are opened.

We suggest targeting a ".com" top level domain name (for SEO purposes), however, any and all work.  What's a "top level domain"?  It's the dot COM, dot NET, dot US at the end of a website address.

Where do I get a template?

Many hosting companies provide templates, or partner with those that do.  Some are free (free is good!), some have a cost.  Frankly, it depends mostly upon your needs, and purpose of your site; after determining that, there are usually a multitude of choices for templates.  We'll be more than happy to suggest a few.